Copy that sparks astronomical adoption.

For mission-driven companies, organizations, and humans in Web3.

—Those who want to create community, tell their unique story, and build something truly disruptive.

Being first is hard.

That’s because you’ve entered new and uncharted space.

Your company, your community, and the entire Web3 industry are all navigating deep into the unknown…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new DeFi solution, a trusted decentralized exchange or a DAO dedicated to social good…

If you want every human in the galaxy to understand and engage in the exciting future you are creating in Web3.

—you’re going to need adoption-focused copy that’s out-of-this-world.

I describe your disruption.

With words that warp space-time.

—So you can focus on your mission and eclipse the competition

Great copy is like rocket fuel for sparking adoption…

I’m talking about the right product, technical, and conversion copy that ignites a powerful chemical reaction inside everyone who encounters your brand.

Our mission is to escape the gravitational pull toward boring, unclear, and superficial content with…


Locked-on-target copy that clearly communicates what you do and why it’s disruptive.


Story-driven copy, opening a direct communications channel to your users, investors, and community.


Adoption-focused copy, that speaks to the average human, and not just the hardcore crypto community.

You need copy that’s not cryptographic…

Recent “Proof of Work”

What humans are saying…

“You want Joel in your crew”

Finding Joel, a copywriter specializing in Web3, and who has actually worked in space since 2015…was like discovering a new planet!

And the best part?

Joel didn’t just deliver amazing copy, on time, and call it a day.

He actually joined our team, attended all our meetings, collaborated with each department, and gave us deep insights into vital conversion strategy.

Nigel Carlos

Nigel Carlos

Director of Marketing


Every single word of your copy matters, just like every line of solidity code matters.

Copy and code both express what’s important, with a clearly defined goal, and there is NO room for error.

Hello, I’m Joel!

Chief Copynaut At Copyverse.

I have been deep in the blockchain and crypto space since 2015, I know how hard it was to achieve what you have.

I understand the fear of living with regulatory uncertainty while releasing a new product, the crazy ups and downs of the crypto market, trying to stand out in an ecosystem flooded with new projects, and even the impossible task of trying to find a single decent solidity developer.

We both know, you can have the most disruptive product in the universe, none of that matters if…


All your awesome is hidden beneath complex technical jargon. Completely disconnected from your product’s disruptive features, benefits, and unique selling points.


You’re struggling to stand out, be discovered, and build an engaged community against the onslaught of new projects launching in Web3.


Your copy completely lacks strategy, a cohesive brand voice, and the deep customer research needed to open a direct communications channel to the galaxy.

Delegate your mission-critical copywriting to a blockchain expert and professional copywriter…so that you can focus on your mission.

Why Hire Me?

What you need is a trusted Web3 Copywriter to Join your crew.

Someone completely dedicated to your brand, who gets your tech, a professional who co-creates your copy together by collaborating with all your talented teams.

You really only have three other (terrible) options when it comes to your copy…


Somehow find the time and struggle to write it yourself.

But is that really the best use of your time and brain power?

Could working 1-1 with a copywriter free you to focus on your actual mission?


Give it to your crazy busy marketing team.

 Who are already completely swamped with tons of work. 

And watch them try to cobble it all together, without any real strategy…at last minute.


Hire a freelance copywriter or an expensive agency.

Someone who also writes for banks or health supplements.

And waste your time explaining your technology and this industry anyway.

Or you can get your copy and strategy done right, at the speed of light.

Copy Services

Get everything you need to launch an industry-leading website that converts.

Your website is your launchpad to the observable universe. A universe where everyone understands your product, engages with your brand, and becomes loyal members of your galactic federation.

A website that converts like crazy, in a cohesive brand voice, and with the right market research and strategy to drive astronomical adoption.

If you’re mission is to:


Launch your new website, with a stellar strategy to the moon.


Upgrade your current website with completely re-imagined copy.


Attract new leads & users with sales pages on auto-pilot.

It’s like having a communications officer join your crew!

Get monthly content that goes deeper, with a stellar Comms\PR strategy, all executed by a Web3 Copywriter who is 100% committed to your brand & mission.

My premium package for those who want to work 1-1 with me on a monthly basis.

-So that you can stop sending your communications to disappear into a black hole

If you’re mission is to:


Execute with ease —Get your monthly newsletters, blog posts, Linkedin\Twitter content, community updates, press releases, AMA’s, email sequences, and more…done by a dedicated Copywriter.


Create deeper impact and more authentic connections through long-form premium content.


Get it all done for you! —executed by a professional Web3 Copywriter who joins your crew, understands your tech, drives the strategy, and makes it all easy.